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Change Attitude is a Swedish innovative cultural foundation founded in 2011 by Ulla Lemberg, photographer and documentary filmmaker.
Daily millions of children are sexually abused around the world. Facts and figures are clear. Conventions and regional frameworks condemn the violence still we see no signs of decrease. The most horrific and unimaginable crimes against children of today must be prioritized on all levels and the culture of silence must end.

The vision of Change Attitude is a world of zero tolerance against sexualized violence against children in practice.
We believe in the power of culture to break the silence around these crimes and to emotionally touch people for long term engagement. The engagement we need to end these crimes.

The contribution of Change Attitude is to create high quality “cultural tools” to be used to raise awareness and to increase the efforts against sexualized violence against children. We collaborate with child rights organizations around the world, reinforcing the great work they are doing, with the power of culture.

Change Attitude initiates, collaborates and use different kind of artistic expressions such as film, photo, dance, music, text etc. – depending on the scope and objective – always seeking to engage the best artists in the field in the region/countries where we operate.

The work of Change Attitude is created with the respect for the child in accordance with the Convention on the rights of the child and its’ optional protocol. Children are part of all our projects and we are very proud of the Change Attitude Youth Board. Our first international project Break the Silence was launched in 2016 at the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC in collaboration with R.F Kennedy Human Rights, Save the Children and the Swedish Institute. The scope and purpose of the short film project is to contribute to break the culture of silence using film as a tool. Break the Silence is now used by i.e. Save the Children around the world and is promoted by the Swedish Institute to all Swedish embassies and consulates worldwide.
Change Attitude actively looks for new forms of collaborations and continuously work on building venues where innovative ideas and expertise can be used in conjunction for strongest possible impact against sexualized violence against children in accordance with the Sustainable goals – Agenda 2030, target 16.2.

“End abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence against and torture of children.

vår vision är en värld med nolltolerans mot sexualiserat våld mot barn

change attitudes underbara team

Ulla Lemberg

Konstnärlig ledare och grundare

Joanna Lundquist

Styrelseordförande och barnrättsjurist

Nadia Dyberg

Journalist och dokumentärfilmare

Rune Borg

Tidigare informationschef på SEB, Skandia, Nobel Industries och Procordia Pharmacia

Sten Söderberg

Ekonomiskt ansvarig

Helena Riese Harstad