Landskrona stad, Fotograf: David Elg/MOOB

Zero Tolerance is a project aiming to create zero tolerance in practice against sexualized violence, on a local community level. By raising awareness and by bringing up new ideas on how to work against sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children created by teenagers and young adults, the project aims to increase the efforts and put sexualized violence against children on the local agenda.

Teenagers and young adults are invited to join the project and learn more the criminality but also create and discuss concrete proposals on how to prevent the violence. The proposals of the teenagers are then presented by using the power of culture. The performance is public and especially directed to local politicians, professionals working with or for children.  Follow-up meetings, conferences and media will make sure the proposals are realized.

The pilot project of Zero Tolerance was carried out in the beautiful community of Landskrona in the south of Sweden. The ambitious group of youth created great proposals and presented a very personal and emotional performance involving art, theater, songwriting mixed with facts and figures about the violence.

” I hope everybody is as proud as I am”, says one of the youth participants in the project.

One of the proposals of the teenagers was to form a group for youth, professionals and teenagers to meet regularly to continuously develop the work against sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the sharp proposals of the youth.

A large conference is now planned in the community of Landskrona 2020, to inspire the other communities in Sweden on how to create zero tolerance in practice.